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The Hunter: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels) - Richard Stark The Hunter is the first book in the series by Richard Stark (AKA Donald Westlake), which has been touted by other writers for years. Stark has been praised for his taut and lean prose style. There are no flourishes in his storytelling, but the leanness is part of what makes what makes this series great. The other element is, of course, the character of Parker himself. He makes Jack Reacher look like a little schoolgirl.

In The Hunter we are introduced to Parker, as he makes his way into New York City seeking revenge. It seems he was double-crossed after his last job and, to make matters worse, his wife was in on it. He was left for dead, but he couldn't rest until he found those who upset his well-organized, yet criminal existence. Parker will not let anything, or anyone stand in his way of satisfaction. He is brutal and dispassionate, as he makes his way towards Mal Resnick, the object of his fury. And even then his anger is not quelled.