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The People Who Watched Her Pass By - Scott Bradfield This was my first exposure to Scott Bradfield's writing, and I agree with another reviewer on here, that some passages are so beautiful that I wanted to clip them out and save them as keepsakes. The storyline itself is odd, and somewhat disturbing. Three-year-old Salome is abducted by the water heater repairman, and then shuffled from house to house, and at times even living in a laundromat. The story is told through her eyes, although not in her voice. In fact, the voice of the novel is quite poetic and philosophical.

By the end of the book Salome has walked through the desert, and emerged as an almost Christ-like figure. Visitors drive from afar in the hopes of seeing her emerge from her seclusion. Once "Sal" leaves the edge of the desert to return to civilization, she decides on her direction and destination. She has become wise beyond her years, and certainly wiser than the adults who watched her pass by.