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The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power - Jeff Sharlet The book is heavy going at times, and I felt as if I should have had a highlighter in hand to aid myself in remembering all the names and dates. The overall result is a powerful journalistic exposé that is an eye-opening glimpse into backroom dealings of Washington and beyond. I have always found myself on the left in the political spectrum — more to the left than mainstream Democrats — so I am not surprised to read about America’s manipulation of foreign governments, but I was surprised to learn of the direct influence of this one particular Christian organization. Many well-known politicians have directly benefited from and helped to push the agenda of the Family, including Tom Delay, John Ashcroft and others. It was interesting to read of the involvement of such Democrats as Sen. Bill Nelson and Hillary Clinton, but — as Sharlet points out — the Family is more concerned with one’s total subservience to the power of Jesus (as interpreted by the hierarchy of the Family) than their particular political party. Everyone in power becomes useful when they give themselves over to the ideas embodied by the free market Christian warrior that is idealized by the founders of the Family.